serra yılmaz

Serra Yılmaz was born in Istanbul in 1954. She studied psychology and theatre in France. After winning the competition opened by Dostlar Theatre Group, she had her first stage experience in this theatre. She started acting in the cinema with Atıf Yılmaz’s movie Şekerpare (A Piece of Sweetness) in 1983. She has worked with important directors such as Atıf Yılmaz, Ömer Kavur, Zeki Ökten, Şerif Gören, Ümit Ünal and Ferzan Özpetek. In 1997, she directed the first theatre play The Others Name Ali. Serra Yılmaz, who received many awards for her performances in both theatre and cinema, worked for 15 years as an actress, dramaturg and assistant art director at Istanbul City Theatres, in addition to her cinema studies. In 2005, she started to do theatre work in Italy, besides her cinema and TV projects. She continues her works in cinema and theatre both in Turkey and in different countries.