quın mınassıan

Quin Minassian was born in Athens in 1962, to a family of Armenian refugees who had fled to Greece in the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide and the Burning of Smyrna. After completing her studies in pedagogy, she started working at the Zavarian Armenian Primary School in Nikaia, Greece, where she taught for 25 years. She worked in the field of multicultural education in Vienna, Austria (Institut Keil, and Wiener Kinderfreunde – Europahaus). She is the author of the book Paramythia Apo tin Armenia (Tales from Armenia) (Apopeira, 1998) and has translated many articles, interviews, biographical and other texts from Armenian to Greek and vice versa. She writes regularly for Armenika, a quarterly magazine published in Athens, of which she is an Editorial Board member. As an independent researcher, she has been conducting oral history interviews with Armenians in Greece since 2000, a work that she continues since 2019 within the framework of the ‘Memory Documentation’ project of the ‘Programme of Armenian Studies’ based in London, UK.