meri çevik simyonidis

Meri Çevik Simyonidis was born in Istanbul in 1972. She was graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Departments of Philosophy and Pedagogy. She worked as an officer at the Consulate General of Greece in Istanbul for 25 years. Thereafter, she continued living in Istanbul, and opened a restaurant called Mezedaki, in Bebek, Istanbul. This was followed by Cantina by Mezadaki and Mezedaki-Online, enabling her to reach out to a lot more food-lovers. She is the author of several books: a poetry book titled To Proto Skalopati (The First Step) (Ekdotiki Athinon, 2000); a memoir İstanbul’um Tadım Tuzum Hayatım (My Istanbul, My Spice of Life, My Life) (İnkılâp, 2012); and culinary books/memoirs like Bir Varmış Bir Yokmuş (Once Upon a Time) (İstos, 2015); Tadı Damağımda Kaldı/Dünden Bugüne İstanbul Lezzetleri (Memorable Flavours from Istanbul: Past to Present) (İnkılap, 2016); İstanbul Kokulu Mutfaklar (Kitchens Smelling Istanbul) (Sola, 2018), and Unutulmaz Hayatların Reçeteleri (Recipes from Memorable Lives) (İnkılap, 2020). Having lectured at Haliç University on Istanbul Cuisine and Mezze Culture in 2020, Simyonidis currently continues her post-graduate degree at Gedik University, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.