ann husaını & emıly lobsenz

Ann Husaini was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1969. She is a film editor and producer with an extensive background in documentary. She was graduated from Columbia University’s MFA film program. She wrote and directed award-winning shorts which have screened in the US and abroad, including Sandorkraut (2014) which went to over 30 film festivals and became a New York Times Op-Doc. Her film editorial work includes Jonathan Lisecki’s romantic comedy Gayby (SXSW) (2012); Alexandra Berger’s documentary Danland (Slamdance) (2012); Avi Zev Weider’s documentary Welcome to the Machine (Hotdocs!) (2012); the drama Bikini Moon, directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker Milcho Manchevski (2017) and the mystery/romance Trust by Brian DeCubellis (2021). Husaini lives in North Hollywood, USA with her boyfriend and dog, near family, friends, and lots of taco carts.

Emily Lobsenz is a director, scriptwriter and producer whose work spans genres of fiction and documentary. She directed NBC’s Comedy Showcase, contributed to numerous HBO sports documentaries and won honours from many international arts councils and film festivals. Among the films she wrote and directed are Sandorkraut (2014); a magical-realist film made with hand-crafted puppets The Never Bell (2014); Song of the Basques (2015) and a feminist futurist film The Clock (2019). Lobsenz won Tribeca’s Sloan prize for her neo-noir TV series Invisible Islands (2017). Her award-winning feature scripts include a mystical thriller All That Follows, and a magical-realist drama set on Staten Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Midland. Karla’s Arrival (2011) that she produced and co-wrote was short-listed for Spain’s Academy Awards and Song of the Basques won a Smithsonian prize. Lobsenz plays cello, speaks Spanish, French, Italian and Basque, and competes as an elite triathlete. She volunteers for Billion Oyster Project, rebuilding New York's waterways, and works as a translator for trans and queer migrants at the US-Mexico border seeking asylum.